NIDO has many friends.  We highlight a few below
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The Italian Center

Many Italian Center members also proudly belong to NIDO.  Indeed they actively support both organizations.  The Italian Center offers its members and friends excellent facilities, food, and camaraderie; NIDO offers its members a strong cultural link to their heritage.  Both offer their members fun, a feeling of belonging, and help them better understand and feel good about their roots.  Please also note that the Italian Center has excellent dining and catering.  See the link above to check it out for your next night out or party.

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The National Italian American Foundation

For nearly three decades NIAF has been a powerful and unified voice for Italian Americans throughout the country and a major influence in Washington, D.C. NIAF members include many of the nation’s most influential business, political and community leaders who trace their roots to Italy. For our affiliation please see:

The Bardavon Opera House

For more than 130 years the Bardavon Opera House has brought the very finest performing arts to the Hudson Valley. The oldest continuously operating theatre in New York State and among the oldest in the nation, the Bardavon has long been considered the cultural jewel of the region.  N.I.D.O. has had a very special relationship with the Bardavon, helping to sponsor Operas and other Italian musical events.

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Milanese Restaurant

Santino and Rita are so super to us.  How many fabulous dinner dances they helped us with!  How many meeting dinners!

Visit them.  They have great food, hospitality, and  facilities for parties,  See Milanese Restaurant.

Caffe Aurora – Fine Italian Pastries

Italian established family business.   American Culinary Federation Pastry-Dessert Award Winner 7 Consecutive Years.  Supplies pastries to NIDO functions (meetings, socials) and Italian Center meetings and catering (socials, banquets, weddings, etc.).  See their offerings and online catalog at

Other Associations and Links

Official site of the Consulate General of Italy in New York

New York Coalition of Italo-American Associations

See Poughkeepsie Continuing Education Courses (Italian Courses) 

Also Arlington High School, Newburgh Free Academy, Wappingers High ,

and Newburgh Free Academy Schools Offer High School Students an Italian Language Option


Our Own John Cappelli Is Associated With These VERY Fine Publications

Local Places of Interest

The Hudson Valley (Wineries, Etc.)

Hudson Valley Tourism(Attractions, Entertainment Etc.)